Our daily life

Di Tiep

on 08/30/2014

Long weekend nay lai pack up di xuong DC.  Dinh la di Montreal nhung gia dinh ban khong di duoc.  Gia dinh cousin Thong di DC choi nen di theo ho xuong DC choi tiep. 


Xuong day la toi Eden mua do an vat.  An uong no ne thi ai cung met nen ve hotel nghi ngoi de chieu di tiep.

Di mot vong DC cho cac ban kia tham quan cac monuments den chieu thi tro VA, vo lai tiem Four Sisters an toi.

Lan truoc di chua ghe cho nay.

Thich cai cho nay nhat. World War II memorial.



Cha gio va goi ngo sen an appertizer.
Dinner 8 course hoang trang.


2 responses to “Di Tiep

  1. t2bm4u says:

    Yum yum, canh chua right? The 4 sisters looks like a place I gonna stop by when I am in town.

  2. You should..they have good food..just dont order pho or noodles with broth. Canh chua ca kho to was good…my kids love their ga nuong xa..

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