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More drama

on 08/27/2014

I think I need to find a book to read on how to raise an emotional child.  My 5 years old daughter (6 years old to be in four months) has been extremely sensitive and emotional as of late.  She is such an out going, active, and super sweet kid when she is out of the house but once she goes home, she becomes a whiny and emotional kid that sometimes I just wanted to ignore her.  Perhaps it has to do with her being the only child for awhile and was spoiled by everyone has turned her into a sensitive child?  Or could it be genetics?  My parents told me that I was a cry baby because I was spoiled by my great grandma.  I cried daily for the entire preschool year.  How unfortunate for my parents back then.  I now get to be in their shoes. I guess karma has come to get me now.  On a good day, meaning she gets whatever she wishes, then she behaves and listens well. But one a bad day, like yesterday, oh man, I just wanted to either lock her up in her room or just tuned out because I was completely stressed out with her. It all started after I have picked her up from the sitter. She wanted to go over to her friend’s house again, which she did the day before so I said “no”. She began to sob then I explained to her why she couldn’t go but all she kept saying was “I want…, I want…”. Anyways, she has made me so irritate that whatever she wanted I denied. And that made her more upset. Things cooled down a bit after she got what she wanted, an ice-cream cone but just the cone because she can’t have ice-cream. When her dad came home, her emo, as I call it, came back because she wanted him to wipe her butt after a #2, then wanted him to feed her dinner instead eating it herself. When he didn’t spooned her, she came to me and whine for this and that. So her dinner lasted for two hours with crying and tantrums throwing breaks in between. Her sister, on the contrary, was super quiet and behaved like an angel. I hope her once she starts kindergarten, her emo will get a little bit more stable and less stubborn (this might be in her genes too).

she was embarrased and upset when I tried to take a picture of her crying.


6 responses to “More drama

  1. t2bm4u says:

    Lol, or maybe not. I guess you do know spoiling a kid is easier than to undo it. But you already know that. Just say “no” lol. Seriously, I hope she will grow out of it soon.

  2. All I can say is “sighhhhh”. Other pp and their dad spoiled them…I am pretty strict with them though

  3. Mrs. Truong says:

    Trời ơi, dzậy là bên tui đỡ hơn bên bà hehheheh

  4. idlehouse says:

    it’s a stage Tran oi, I think it comes with the age, but also since school has just started, it could be the result of major changes. My happy go lucky niece is 11 months older than CC, but my sister has been complaining about her being super sensitive as of late too. May was a mess when Tim was born 2 years ago, and then this past week when we started kindergarten she was a mess all over again. I think kids respond to stress by having more break downs than usual. the other night we agreed that she could play for 5 min and then bedtime, yet when 5 min was over and I said “time for bed” she just cried like I died or something. What helps with May is sleep sleep sleep sleep and cuddle down time. CC’s sweet and docile nature when she’s outside must have put a lot of strains on her, that’s why she goes home and melts down because behaving well has been taking a toll on her, and home is the only safe place for her to de-stress. My guess is she is also processing a lot of information from outside, and her brain is blown. If aroma therapy works for her, you can try giving her a lavender soak bath when she comes home, then some down time listening to music of her choice.

  5. Vay ba do nhuc oc hon tui roi

  6. I think she is going thru a new phrase too. I havent spent a lot of mommy n daughter time with her lately so she is a bit attached to her dad when I am busy. She knows she cant get my attention so she wants all she can get from her dad, which driving everyone nuts at times. I was hoping once she starts kindergarten her melts down will diminish but hearing you mentioned about your niece makes my stress level increase already hihi. I will try giving her some soothing baths to see if it helps her. And her music of choice I think wont be helpful…she thich may cai loai nhac nhay tung tung…like me haha.

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