Our daily life

1st harvest

on 08/25/2014



Hom qua lam vuon xong hai dduoc bay nhieu Asian pears voi peach.  Nam nay trai ti teo vi bi bo roi khong duoc tuoi nuoc.  Tuy nho nhung 100 percent organic…trai nao to moi chin toi la bi chim an voi soc an.  May con chim voi soc khon gi ddau, toan lua trai ngon ma an.  Thoi ke, con duoc trai nao thi toi minh an cung con do hon la bi tui no an het. 


6 responses to “1st harvest

  1. imperfection says:

    Bán cho tui một kí đi bà chủ

  2. Hihi..ban 1 tang 1 cho khach quy phuong xa

  3. t2bm4u says:

    Look great. So now you have treats for the squirrels on your lunch break?
    Is it sweet and juicy? I had not eaten on in many years. Allergy… I am afraid. Hope I can try it this year.

  4. You are missing out good fruits 🙂 they are sweet and juicy therefore attracting the birds and squirrels.

  5. Dã Quỳ says:

    Nhà này cũng mới hái cả rổ Asian pear nè. Chưa kịp chụp hình khoe là hết sạch trọi lun 🙂

  6. t2bm4u says:

    Yeah? Am I miss out that much? Lets hope that’s all I am missing in life.

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