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Play date – date night

on 08/20/2014

Khong phai la date night cua nguoi lon ma la date night cua con nit.

Chieu nao don hai co nho ve nha co lon cung deu hoi “hom nay qua nha Ariel choi duoc khong mommy?”  Nghe hoi thay thuong lam.  Nhung nhieu khi ban ron khong di duoc thi minh hua hen se dan di hom khac.  Hom qua minh noi “okay” mot cai la hai co nho vui mung khong the ta. 

Vi duoc di choi nen phai nghe loi mommy.  Mommy keu lam gi hai co nho cung nghe theo.  Khong lam theo la cuoc di choi se bi cancel nen hai co ngoan ngoan lam.

Chieu Thong ve nha dung gio nen com nuoc tam rua cho hai co nho xong xui la  ba cha con keo nhau qua nha ban choi.  Nguoi lon thi ban chuyen nguoi lon, may em nho thi choi voi ban cua may em.


May em quay co nay ne.


Hai co lon con duoc choi mang nay nua.  Hoi sao khong thich duoc qua nha ban choi a. (Chom hinh cua ban chup post len day nhe).


2 responses to “Play date – date night

  1. t2bm4u says:

    Lol, cute… or should I say cute-cumber. Next things are avocado face masks? 🙂

  2. Who knows…but that sounds like fun for adults as well

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