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Road Trip – Day 8 – Last Day at DC

on 08/09/2014

Moi day ma da di choi het mot tuan roi.  Con mot cho o DC minh muon di may hom nay nhung chua di duoc nen sang nay sau khi tra phong, ghe qua Eden mua ti do roi se ghe do choi mot chut truoc khi ve lai Boston.

Sang tra phong xong ghe tiem banh mi DC mua vai o banh mi ddem theo an trua. Co ban o VA gioi thieu tiem nay ban banh mi ngon nhat o ddo nen mua moi thu mot o an cho biet. Mua de den trua moi an nen banh mi het don nen an thay cung ok. Khong ngon bang banh mi Boys o Toronto. Nhung tien nao cua nay, banh mi Boys mac gap doi mot o lan.

Mua banh mi xong chay dem Eden an sang. Nghe noi tiem Huong Viet ngon nhat o ddo nen vo do an. Minh them banh canh nen goi mon banh canh gio heo. Thay an cung dduoc thoi. Banh canh chac ho lam nen ngon cho thit tha an sao giong cua ngay hom truoc. Thong thi an hu tieu nam vang. He khen ngon. Con hai dua nho thi lai pho. Hai dua no la an pho muon nam 🙂 Pho thi khong ngon bang pho 75 roi.



An sang xong ghe tiem Tofu Thanh Son mua che an roi tofu thi to go ve Boston. Mua them vai don cha lua vi thay ho lam ngon. Mua nhieu thu qua nen cai cooler ko ddu cho chua nen phai mua them cai cooler chua do an.



Xoi che cua tiem Thanh Son. Vo dday mon nao cung muon mua..
Lan sao minh ddi xuong lai VA chi de di an vat thoi.

An uong no ne thi ca nha di National Harbor. Thong noi cho nay chieu tro choi cho tui nho lam. Toi do thay co gi nhieu ddau a. Co cai carousel voi cai playground. Vo cua phai tra $5 mot dua. San tui nho cung thich ddi Merry Go Around nen cho tui no vo choi. Choi o ddo mot lat thi tui nho xuong bai cat ke bo ho choi cat.

Tui nho choi o bai bat ha hoi thi ddoi ddi dap vit. Tui nho cu nhac di nhac lai la muon di dragon boat o Baltimore sau lan di choi o ddo nen cho tui no di dap vit o dday cho tui no ddo nghien.





4 gio len duong ve Boston.

Ngung o rest area cho tui nho an uong mat het 45 phut. Sau do ghe them hai lan di rest room thanh thu doan duong 8 tieng keo dai thanh 10 tieng.

2am moi ve toi nha.


2 responses to “Road Trip – Day 8 – Last Day at DC

  1. t2bm4u says:

    Nice trip chi.. Especially the FOODs… lol. I am craving for good foods now… it has been so long since I eat all the yummy food. How’s this harbor compares to baltimore? Glad your hubby is a good driver. All safe and sound at home. Now about that sunrise….? 🙂

  2. I love the food too but did not have enough of it. I like the Baltimore harbor more than this National harbor. I wouldnt go back here again.
    About the sunrise, I actually plan to do some jogging or just walking two days/week before it gets colder here.

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