Our daily life

Hop Mat

on 08/03/2014

Tinh co biet duoc nguoi ban lau nam di road trip cung luc den cung noi minh den nen ho hen tu hop gap mat o nha mot nguoi chi ban minh biet nhung chua bao gio gap.  Vui oi la vui.  Duoc chi ban dai mon bun bo…phai noi la ngon hon tat ca o nhung tiem minh da tung an qua.  An mot chap o nha chi, con du chi dem theo di bien, chac phai ddi theo chi toi bien de an them chap hai qua.


Hai nguoi ban gia nay thi truoc khi moi nguoi an mot to bun bo thi ngam xi quach truoc.


6 responses to “Hop Mat

  1. t2bm4u says:

    Yummy, can I have 2 to go please.

  2. imperfection says:

    Love love cái hình hai đứa mình gặm xương nha.

  3. imperfection says:

    Uhmm, you are on a diet anh T, leave the bún bò to us.

  4. Anh T: welcome to nha meo chuot🙂 Bun bo em an ke nen ko the share.🙂

    Trang: hom qua vui qua…we should get together like that with may mom kia hen

  5. t2bm4u says:

    Hi chi., actually I didn’t know it was you in the photo. I know, you have all the good food. I take care of all the exercises. Lol.

  6. t2bm4u says:

    Hi chi., lol, an ke thi khong co pack to go duoc sao?

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