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Potty Train

on 01/07/2012

Almost done! 🙂

I tried potty train for CC before MC was born but unsuccessful.
Before CC turned three, I was determined to get her off diapers once and for all. So one Saturday, I had decided no diaper for her, just like that. I kept a log so I could remind her to go pee every hour. So after she woke up in the morning, I had her wear panty instead her monkey diaper. She didn’t like it but mommy wins most of the time :). I also reminded her to tell me when she wanted to go. Just five minutes before the hour had passed, she told me “con đái” while doing it in the living room. Ok, first time accident was fine. Second time was the same, just about 5 minutes to the next hour she peed in her pants again. Third time she refused to go but I forced her anyway and it worked throughout the first day.
She still have an accident with number one when she’s busy playing. She also had an accident with number two once since.

I think it has been a month since she’s off diaper, during the day. Still too tired to take her to the bathroom during the night. She still wears diaper when we go out though.

For the past two weeks, whether it’s number one or number two, she tells me when she wants to go and also tells me “mommy, I don’t need help”. Sometimes I offer to help but she says “no, I can do it”. She lets me wipe her bottom when she poops but beside that she does everything herself. I’m so proud of her!

4 responses to “Potty Train

  1. Hoàng says:

    Con Su nhà anh done with diapers, except sleeping. Tối wa nó đi pee pee thúi mà không kêu anh, mẹ nó đi làm về thấy toilet không flush mới tìm ra thủ phạm, phải kéo nó đi rửa khu thay quần 🙂

  2. Mrs. Truong says:

    Không biết con mình hay mình giỏi nữa, nhưng kiểu gì thì gì đều nghe ba nó nói ‘Im so proud of you too’ hahahahahah

  3. anh Hoa`ng: heheh, CC ddi tie^?u hay tie^u gi` cu~ng ba’o em bie^’t, ddi i. xong co`n ke’o em la.i khoe hehe

    ba` T: ca? hai dde^`u gio?i ne^n ddu*O*.c khen la` ddu’ng ro^`i hehehe

  4. Dã Quỳ says:

    CC giỏi rồi đó!

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