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Me`o Con

on 04/09/2011

Meo con is here!
Kaylee Gia-Nhi was born on April 7th at 9:51pm, 6lbs 10oz and 19 inches long. Mom & daughter are doing fine. Will update more when I have more time.


9 responses to “Me`o Con

  1. Hoàng says:

    welcome to our world, con.
    mẹ Chuột gắng mau hồi sức nghen
    very happy for your family
    anh Hoàng.

  2. dq says:

    Congratulations to mommy and family. Take care and kisses MC.

  3. Tran says:

    Thanks anh Hoa`ng & chi. DQ

  4. BeBo says:

    Chào Bé Mèo Con, ui chao cái miệng há to quá, đói bụng hả con, Mẹ Chuột khỏe chưa?

  5. Donny Truong says:

    April baby. She’s gorgeous. Congrats Me Chuot/Meo Con!

  6. idlehouse says:

    congrats! this one is a copy of you

  7. CapriR says:

    Chúc mừng nhà TT nghen. Mong T mau lại sức và MC bú ngoan, ngủ ngoan cho mau lớn.

  8. quyen says:

    Chúc mừng nhà Chuột- Mèo Con. MC ngoan để cho mẹ được nghỉ ngơi nhiều nha.

  9. Tran says:

    chi. Bebo: em me`o bu’ gio?i la(‘m…em kho?e la.i nhie^`u ro^`i chi., thanks chi.

    donny, bo`n, chi. Cap, chi. Q: thank you

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