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Labor Day Weekend

on 09/07/2010

A co-worker asked what I did for the long weekend and I replied “not much, just stayed local”. Coming from me that means I didn’t do much except hanging around the house and did all the weekend routine stuff like clean the house, do grocery shopping, and hang out with my daughter.

The holiday weekend started with me making bò lá lốt for dinner and continued with making more food (I didn’t cook most of it though) for the rest of the weekend. I was worried about the going home commute when Earl approached to my area mid Friday afternoon when dark cloud covered the blue sky and rain started to pour. Luckly my boss told me to leave early. I picked up CC from the sitter and we went home. Grandma wasn’t going to cook dinner that night and I had bought lá lốt the week before to make bò lá lốt but never had the energy nor time to make it, so I decided to make that for dinner. It was suppose to be quick dish but between cooking and watching CC from hurting herself (climbing up and down the stairs, chairs, the slide, ect.), the process of making bò lá lốt took me almost 2 hours. I was so hungry by the time it was finished that I combined bò lá lốt with rice noodles, bean spourt, lettuce, mint, and fish sauce in a big bowl then ate it quickly without taking pictures (hehe). But I did take a few snaps before they went into the oven and right after they were done.

Saturday we bought KFC for lunch, then grandma made bún riêu for dinner. We went to Lowes to buy cabinet hardwares before lunch. After lunch daddy had to help grandpa finishing up renovating the kitchen, hence, CC and I just hung out at home until dinner time.

Sunday supposed to be a relaxing day for me because CC’s great aunt (di` pho`) took her to a memorial lunch then a bbq dinner (without her parents) from 11am til 9pm. I had to pack, did the laundry and cleaned the house while CC wasn’t home and made chicken salad and chicken congee for dinner so it wasn’t really a free day for me. I also went over to help daddy install some of the cabinet hardwares. I thought it would be a relaxing day but it felt weird that CC wasn’t home with me on the weekend. But I did get a lot done while she was having a blast at another place. I missed her terribly though.

We went to dim sum on Monday. Went home, CC and I took a 2 hours nap then I took her to Walmart and did some grocery shopping.
Grandma came over and made grilled chicken, pork and steak for dinner. That concluded our 3 days weekend.


4 responses to “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Dã Quỳ says:

    Cuối tuần được ở nhà, ăn uống ê hề vậy thì hạnh phúc rồi còn gì nữa! Cuối tuần rồi, DQ cũng ở nhà nhiều hơn bước ra ngoài đường á. Vậy mà thấy thoải mái hơn nhiều (tuy phải chui vô bếp nhìu hơn) …hehehehehe

  2. Mẹ Chuột says:

    Đúng ruì á chị, ở nhà thấy thoải mái hơn là đi chơi miết. Nhưng mà ở nhà thì mình thoải mái mà con thì nó chán, thấy cũng tội nghiệp nó.

  3. Đậu says:

    wow, nhìn đồ ăn của LB wkend thấy thèm quá.. Hình chụp đẹp.

  4. BeBo says:

    Lâu quá, chị không ăn bò lá lốt, nhìn rồi tưởng tượng chắc là ngon lắm, thèm:)

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