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16 months milestones

on 04/30/2010

– You have been walking for a few weeks now. You love to walk. Sometimes you just walk from the living room to the kitchen, back and forth numerous times without feeling bored. Mommy got dizzy sometimes from watching you walk in and out like that.
– You like to climb on chairs, climb up and down the stairs. You tried to walk up the stairs but your legs are too short to walk up the steps.
– You like to play with the laptop mouse and keyboard. You click nonstop when you get a hold of the mouse and play with the keyboard. You eventually get bored with the keyboard but not the mouse because you can see the cursor moves on the screen when you move the mouse.
– You love to pick up dirt and any tiny items that you can find on the floor and give them to mommy.
– You walk around the house with both hands in the back when we tell you to walk like an old woman (đi giống bà già)
– You know where we keep your dirty diapers. When mommy or daddy tell you to throw your dirty diaper away, you would take the diaper and throw it in the trash barrell.
– You shake your head to show your disapproval or rejection.
– You nod your head to show your acceptance or agreement.
– You wave to say bye, blow a kiss, or even kiss with your mouth when asked (but only execute in good mood)
– You imitate what mommy does and says. This morning you kept pointing at a deer on your pj and said “a’ a’ “, mommy said “bambi” and you said “baaa bii”. Mommy taught you to say “ạ…” and you said “ààà”
– You get very clingy in strange places (but not the mall nor the supermarket)

One response to “16 months milestones

  1. Dã Quỳ says:

    Vậy là CC đã biết nhiều thứ lắm rồi đó nha. 16 tháng mà biết đủ thứ rồi nè. Hôn CC cái nào !!! Ngoan quá đi thôi!!!

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