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Oh Shoes…

on 02/26/2010

My aunt keeps demanding me to have CC wear shoes so she can get used to it, otherwise she won’t wear it by the time she knows how to walk. I think she will eventually wear them whether she likes it or not when the time comes but right now, it’s not a really big concern for me. CC has only worn shoes three times since her birth. One time I put her in these adorable tiny white sneakers when I took her to work to show her off. And the second time was when I wanted to take a picture of her wearing shoes. Third time was at her auntie’s wedding but she only wore them to take pictures because they were too big on her. After that I bought several other cute shoes for her to wear but everytime I put them on, she pulls them out, hence I gave up and just have her wear socks since.

I have bought a pair of boots from Target a while ago and have been keeping them underneath my end table visible for CC to see so she can play with them, get familiar and comfortable with them before she wears them. Sometimes she pulls them out the just throw them in any direction she likes and I have to put them back. My effort has finally paid off. The other day CC pulled them out and instead of throwing them, she actually tried to put them on. Of course she couldn’t do it. I stood there and watched to see what her next move would be. And guess what? She pulled them up and handed them to me so I can put them on for her. I was really surprised. I helped her to put them on and held her so she could walk around the house wearing shoes. She loved it! I wish I had taken a picture at that moment.

Anyways, I need to get her a new pair of shoes and this is the one I like…

picture borrowed from livieandluca.com

I heard this brand is very comfortable but pricy for kids’ shoes but oh well, as long as my baby feet are comfortable then I don’t mind paying the price.


2 responses to “Oh Shoes…

  1. idlehouse says:

    I thought the recommendation is for new walkers to wear soft soled shoes first, then once they are comfortable with walking, then you put the hard soled ones on them to protect the feet?

  2. Mẹ Chuột says:

    The one in the picture is hard soled? Chi. kiki said his brand is very comfortable for toddler at CC’s age. Or are you talking the boots?

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