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Las Vegas trip

on 02/12/2010

I was sad and nervous to be away from my baby for the first time but it’s a lie if I say I didn’t enjoy the time I was in Vegas. I cried when I waved and said goodbye to CC at the airport and cried on the plane because I knew I will miss her terribly. I landed in Vegas at 9pm and didn’t get to my hotel until 10pm (1am Boston time) so I couldn’t call to check on her because I was afraid I would wake her up. I couldn’t sleep during my flight and didn’t sleep well the first night there too. I woke up at 5am every day during my trip although I wanted to sleep more because work didn’t start until 7am. Anyways, I called to check on CC the first thing in the morning and my husband said she woke up and cried every hour. In the morning she got out of bed and crawled to the top of stairs and called out “mama” to find me. Not sure if she looked for me because she missed me or missed my boobs (haha) because first thing she did when she saw me when I came back was lift up my shirt to find my boobs. Eventually she slept better the next night and the following two nights.

I said I enjoyed the time in Vegas because beside work, I didn’t have to do anything else like cooking, cleaning or even sleep interuption for a whole three days. I was busy the whole time during work hours but managed to take a few breaks and went up to my room to nap, which was nice. Breakfast served at 7am everyday then work started from 7:30am until 5pm and then dinner started at 6pm until 10pm. The night ended there for me but not for most colleagues. Most of them went out until 2 or 3 the next morning. The only night I went out was Thursday night when we had our annual company’s party at the Rio’s. Another reason I enjoyed Vegas was the food. Awhhh..everything was so delicious. I had steak nightly and tons of desserts and had thought I would gained 10lbs (ok, I exaggerate) by the time I get back to Boston but I guess walking all day long burnt it all off.

Thursday was a free day until 5pm so I spent the day walking and window shopping with CC’s auntie (we work for the same company). I should have gone for a spa that day because I was exhausted and my feet were sore from standing and walking. But nope, I listened to CC’s dad and played the slots and lost 60 bucks within 5 minutes. I won 80 bucks last time I was there two years ago but lost it back this time. I guess that makes it even.

We had our company’s party at the VooDoo Lounch on the 51st floor at the Rio’s. The view was spectacular. The Vegas strip looks so pretty at night looking from the 51st floor. I didn’t know that we could go out to the balcony therefore I didn’t bring my camera to take any pictures. They had a photographer taking pictures for us but it costs $20 a picture so I used my phone to take pictures and it came out so small that you can’t really see anything. Oh well, maybe next time!

I called to check on CC a few times a day when I was there and by Thursday I was ready to go home. I missed her so much and was very anxious to get home. She will have to come with me next time! I will not leave her this long again.

Some pictures from my trip.
My room
My room

This garden is in Bellagio.

The decoration is exactly the same as two years ago except it was the year of the Rat so they had a Rat display here instead of a Tiger.

This is where I stayed.

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