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Fatten Up

on 01/05/2010

You’re underweight so mommy will need to fatten you up before your next appointment. I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought high calories food for you. So the menu for today has the following:

Breakfast: butter on bagels and banana
Lunch: fried steak, bake potato, and green beans
Dinner: rice, pork and butternut squash soup
Snack: cheese stick, apple, and of course milk when you’re thristy.

Hope you can finish all that today.
Update: CC didn’t finished everything as expected but she did eat most of it. She only ate a little bit steak and didn’t get to the cheese stick but ate everything else.


5 responses to “Fatten Up

  1. imperfection says:

    CC bi. constipation thi` ddu*`ng cho em a(n ddo^` fried nhie^`u. 😀

  2. kiki says:

    chu`i ui, CC a(n gi` nhie^`u du+~ dzi.

  3. Mẹ Chuột says:

    em ddem nhie^`u chu*’ CC dda^u co’ a(n he^’t..co`n du* ma^’y thu*’…nhu*ng tha^’y no’ a(n nhie^`u thie^.t 🙂

  4. Van says:

    hahaha mi`nh cu+’ tu+o+?ng menu cho ba` ba^`u cho+’, CC a(n ddu+o+.c nhie^`u loa.i food qua’, gio?i thie^.t

  5. Mẹ Chuột says:

    heheh…list ra tu*o*?ng nhie^`u ma` mo^~i thu*’ a(n i’t tho^i. Nhu* bagel thi` a(n chi? 1/8 ca’i chu*’ co’ a(n he^’t ddu*o*.c 1 ca’i ddA6u a`…co`n steak thi` a(n cha’c ddu*o*.c 1-2oz ha`, potato cu~ng 1/4 cu? tho^i…co^.ng la.i cha’c khoa?ng 1 bu*?a cu?a mi`nh tho^i …hong bie^’t va^.y co’ nhie^`u hay i’t nu*a~..

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