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Whole milk allergy?

on 12/16/2009

CC is turning one in a week and my milk supply is diminishing hence weaning from my pump and supplement cow’s whole milk for my milk shortage is my goal at the moment. I tried the cold turkey approach over the weekend but she rejected it so I started to mix just an oz or so with her regular milk and she took it (a total of 5 oz) yesterday.

Her eyes were red and swollen when I picked her up from the sitter last night. She looked tired and wasn’t excited to see me as usual. She just didn’t look as well as normal. Tears almost came out of my eyes when i saw that. The sitter told me she also had three bowel movements and the stool was unusal (green and had a very strong odor). I was a bit upset because she didn’t call me to let me know about it until the end of the day. She said CC finished all milk and food, played well and slept well, didn’t have a fever therefore she didn’t call me. I told her to call me immediately next time something like this happens again although I won’t be able to do anything but at least I could call the doctor and bring her to the ER or doctor’s office for a check up. We thought it might be due to cow’s milk allergy because it was the first time CC was like that.

I called her doctor while driving home. Doctor didn’t think it was milk’s allergy. He suggested I give her bendryl to relief the itchiness but I didn’t give it to her though. I gave her dinner as usual but she threw up everything shortly after that. I was really worried but she seemed fine afterwards. Her eyes also went back to normal later in the night.

I give her some more cow milk today to see if it happens again, if her eyes get swollen again or swollen elesewhere that means she probably has milk allergy. She really scared me last night. I freaked out and worried like hell.


7 responses to “Whole milk allergy?

  1. Ba Chuot Con says:

    Chuo^.t con ho*i ke’n a(n 1 chu’t, bo*?i va^.y ho^m qua che^ ddo^` a(n cu?a ma mi` kho^ng co’ ngon mie^.ng ne^n mo^i’ oi’ ra he^’t. hehehehe


  2. imperfection says:

    hahahaha, ông Thống vô comment này xong tí chiều về sẽ bị Mẹ CC nhéo cho mà coi. 😀

  3. Mẹ Chuột says:

    hahha…hong co’ nheo’ dda^u, cho o^?ng a(n mi` go’i…

  4. kiki says:

    Tran, why don’t you wait until CC is thru with all the ear infection + medication then introduce her any new food or milk.

  5. Mẹ Chuột says:

    chi kiki, I don’t have enough milk for CC :(…maybe i’ll borrow some from me. peapod hahah..:)

  6. Donny says:

    Despite the doctor’s suggestion, my cousin gave his boy whole milk when he was six month and the little guy is huge and so adorable. So not sure if it is the milk that CC is allergic to. Poor girl, hope she’ll be alright!

  7. Mẹ Chuột says:

    Donny – Every kid is different. I think most doctors recommend to give whole milk they whey turn one because they prone to be more allergic to certain type of food if you give it to them before they’re one.

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