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on 11/17/2009

CC has ear infection in both of her ears…. Her right eye releases discharge; her nose is stuffy ; she coughs; she sneezes out green mucus…my poor baby :(. She cried and held on to me whenever the nurse touched her. She must take antibiotics for 10 days.


6 responses to “infection

  1. Donny says:

    Oh no! Poor girl. I hope she’ll recover soon. This flu season is nasty. Are you going to get her H1N1 vaccine?

  2. Mẹ Chuột says:

    This flu season is brutal for me. CC and I have been passing the cold virus back and forth to each other. I’ve been sick on and off for over a month already. CC still hasn’t gotten her the regular flu shot yet. I don’t think I will get the H1N1 vaccine for her though.

  3. imperfection says:

    …and you two extended the virus invitation to me too…còn ho ho bể phổi luôn nè.

    Hope CC will feel better with the antibiotics…tội con gái tui hông.

  4. MICH says:

    Nghe tội quá, ráng đi, chừng 2 ngày vô antibiotics là CC sẽ bắt đầu feel better thôi .. ráng nhe, hun con cái 1 cái nè

  5. Mẹ Chuột says:

    Sorry me. peapod…

  6. bb says:

    Toi nghiep CC qua. How is she now? Hope Me CC and CC get better soon. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

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