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9 months check up

on 10/10/2009

Height: 28.5 inches (70%)

Weight: 17.6oz (20%)

Nurse took some blood for lead in blood test and she scream and cried so much 😦 .  I couldn’t bear to watch the procedure.  She also got the final shot for  Hep-B, also cried so much :(.

Three thing pedi recommended:

(1) get rid of bottle by one year old (hmmm…did any vet mom accomplish this successfully?, if you did, please teach me!)

(2) no more co-sleeping: yeah! pedi scared me with two horrific death stories due to co-sleeping.  A newborn and a four month old died because mom crushed him/her to the wall.

(3) flu shot for CC: I’m still hesitated about this.


2 responses to “9 months check up

  1. kiki says:

    (1) I think it’s easier to wean bottle if your child loves milk. MK hates bottle but she hates formula/milk more so we decided to skip the whole sippy cup thingy and will go straight to glass with cow milk when time comes 🙂

  2. van says:

    My kids did not like milk or bottle so I did not have to train them to wean them off. Our whole family got the flu shots already!

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