Our daily life

8 Months

on 08/24/2009

My baby is 8 months old as of yesterday.  
She weighs 16.6lbs as of last Monday.  Only gain 3oz within a month and half. 

4 responses to “8 Months

  1. Donny says:

    She is still a big, beautiful girl. CC could walk already?

  2. Mẹ Chuột says:

    She’s not walking yet. She could stand by herself for about a minute like in the pictures above.

  3. CapriR says:

    Cute cute cute quá CC ui. Dòm muốn cắn cắn cắn.

  4. kiki says:

    Ui chao, nhìn muốn cắn (bác bạo lực thật)! CC 8 tháng mà cứng cáp ghê.

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