Our daily life


on 08/12/2009

I was in a meeting with my boss when the babysitter called. As a first time mom, I was very nervous and scared to see the missed call because the babysitter has never called while I am at work. I used to call her to check on CC several times a day for the first two months but she never called me for anything. No calls from her is a good thing because you know your kid is eating/pooping/sleeping fine.

Anyways, she called to let me know that CC had a fever of 101 (underarm temperature) and had several loose stools. CC didn’t loose her appetite nor fussy. She believed that CC was teething because she had seen those symptoms with her 4 kids when they were teething as well. I took CC’s rectal temperature when we got home and it was 103.4. She I called CC’s pedi but the office was closed, thus I used looked up for teething in the Baby 411 book and it recommends to give Tylenol for the fever. The Tylenol helped to relieve the fever. I have her on Tylenol every 4 hours possible until she’s done teething.

Update: Called the pedi office and they suggest to wait for 3 days for the fever to go away and during this time I should watch out of signs for other infections, i.e ear tugging, throat irritation, or unusual fussiness. I should give her Tylenol or Motrin every 4 hours to control the fever as well. I only gave her 2 doses yesterday, hence the fever came back when I dropped her off this morning.

I called the babysitter to check on CC. She said CC only take half the bottle then went to sleep.


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