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Pose for pictures

on 08/03/2009


12 responses to “Pose for pictures

  1. imperfection says:

    ye^u qua’ ye^u em qua’…

    ho^m qua CC to*’i cho*i ma` que^n chu.p hi`nh.

  2. idlehouse says:

    me. chuo^. daang justify shopping huh ? 😛

  3. Mẹ Chuột says:

    me. sm: more pictures are coming…:) j/k.

  4. kiki says:

    Hình nét quá nhen, CC có áo con bướm đẹp quá.

  5. Me.O^'c He^'n says:

    CC ma(.c a’o xinh qua’, hi`nh dde.p la` ta.i ma’y mo+’i hay tho+. xi.n dzi. CC?

  6. Mẹ Chuột says:

    nho*` ca? hai 🙂

  7. BCC (Ba Chuot Con) says:

    Nho*` ca? “Ba” luo^n..ehhehehee DDa.o die^~n CC kie^?u co. 1 chu’t mo*i’ ddu*o*.c nhu* va^.y ddo’..he` he` he`….

  8. mich says:

    Cute qua’, nhi`n CC la` muo^’n ca? 2, #4 & ma’y moi

  9. kiki says:

    haha, ddo.c comment cu?a BaCC ma(‘c cu+o+`i qua’.

  10. NgocTran says:

    wow, lau ngay ko gap, Kaylin lon qua, de thuong qua.

  11. Donny says:

    So cute. CC bi eczema toi nghiep qua. Cu Dao cung bi nhung khong nang. Bac si cho Mometasone Furoate cream. Suc mot lan la het ngay.

  12. me. chuo^.t says:

    Donny – yes, CC bi. ngay ca`m ne^n ba’c si~ kho^ng cho thuo^’c su*’c. CC hay ga~y ro^`i ddu*a tay vo^ mie^.ng ne^n Tran cu~ng kho^ng muo^’n su*’c gi` ngoa`i moisturizer ne^n ca`ng la^u he^’t.

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