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Solid food battle

on 07/01/2009

It seems like she doesn’t like any kind of food I give her so far. I introduced rice cereal when she was 5 months, she didn’t really like it so I switched to oatmeal until she reached 6 months. Since then I stopped giving her oatmeal (she didn’t like oatmeal either) and started giving her veggies and fruits. I haven’t been following the 3 or 4 days rule as I should have (bad mom). I gave her smashed sweet potato for two days (two meals to be exact) then switch to smashed carrots, then smashed butter scotch squash, then avacado, then peach, and today I gave her apple. I will start on peas and smashed sweet potato again today. She makes a frown face and shrivels when she tastes the food then pushes it out everytime. I’m not sure whether she knows to how chew or that’s just a natural reaction for babies at this age. One time she even pulled the “blow the bubbles” when I gave her avacado and that, of course, ended up everywhere around her high chair.

Eating butternut squash.


4 responses to “Solid food battle

  1. cái mặt nhìn nghiêm trọng quá, dì Trang sợ quá đi!

  2. BCC (Ba Chuot Con) says:

    Hi`nh na`y vo*i’ hi`nh 3 tuo^?i nhin` cu~ng gio^’ng la(m’ chu*’.

  3. kiki says:

    haha (cười câu BCC comment), mặt nhìn nghiêm trọng thiệt!

  4. BCC (Ba Chuot Con) says:

    Me. nao` thi` con na^y’…:)

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