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When CC is 3 years old…

on 06/30/2009

Will she look like this?


6 responses to “When CC is 3 years old…

  1. tro*`i o*i, gio^’ng gio^’ng thie^.t a’…

    Me. CC ho^`i nho? nhi`n cute qua’ ta.

  2. Van says:

    Cha(‘c chi? co’ ca(.p ma(‘t la` to tro`n ho+n me. tho^i!

  3. Tí Mẹ says:

    Giống ghê luôn

  4. kiki says:

    Haha, me. CC nhi`n du+~ tu+` lu’c le^n 3 🙂

  5. ttruong says:

    lu’c ddo’ ddang wa.o ta.i mo*’i thu*’c hay sao ddo’…

  6. ttruong says:

    ua? ma` CC gio^’ng me. lu’c nho? sao ai cu~ng no’i CC gio^’ng ba la` sao? cha? le? me. lu’c nho? cu~ng nhi`n gio^’ng ba luo^n a`?

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