Our daily life

1st picnic

on 06/10/2009

Last Sunday we took CC to Monetwork’s picnic in Fairhaven, MA.  Fairhaven is about an hour drive from where we live.  I was a bit nervous at first about taking her there because of the long drive.  The longest drive trip she has had so far was only 15minutes.  That’s our weekly trip from our house to her grandmother’s house.  Anyway, the first 15 minutes of the trip was fine, then she got a litte bit bored and got fussy.  I talked to her, played with her for awhile to keep her from being bored.  Then she was sleepy and got fussy again but felt asleep shortly afterwards and slept for about 10 minutes before we arrived.  I wished that I had brought a hat for her because it was a sunny day so I could take her down to the water because the park located at the beach.


4 responses to “1st picnic

  1. hôm đó thấy em lúc đầu hơi ngố ngố, so cute! cái mặt em bị eczema ngứa tội em quá.

  2. ttruong says:

    Ngu*o*`i ta co`n sa^y ke, mo*’i ngu? da^.y muh di` Trang…

  3. kiki says:

    Ahhh! CC có xe mới đi chơi rồi hén. (Khen dì Trang ké nè hehe, dì Trang cười đẹp ghê nơi)

  4. Tí Mẹ says:

    Tấm cuối CC cười tủm tỉm, có vẻ hài lòng chuyện gì lắm í

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