Our daily life

She laughs….

on 05/24/2009

I haven’t seen her laugh so much like this before. Uncle O is really good with kids…peapod will be so luckly to have him as his dad…



5 responses to “She laughs….

  1. Donny says:

    She sure laughs out loud. CC looks big and strong. Are you breast-feeding her?

  2. ttruong says:

    Her dr. said she’s long but average weight.
    Yes, I’m only giving her breastmilk.

  3. CapriR says:

    woa, CC cuời nghe đã thiệt.

  4. mèn ơi, tui thèm nghe giọng cười này quá! Mê luôn sau khi thấy em cười ngã nghiêng.

  5. kiki says:

    haha, you’re cracking me up too, CC! Cười gì mà dữ dzị?

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