Our daily life


on 05/08/2009

Kaylin li’ la(‘c ne`

Note: kho^ng pha?i me. ca(‘t to’c cho CC a` nhen…CC bi. che^ gio^’ng con trai va` to’c bi. so le thi` ddo^? thu*a` ba ddo’….


7 responses to “5/8/09

  1. Oanh says:

    Mẹ cắt tóc em hả

  2. ttruong says:

    ba Cc ca(‘t ddo’ chi.

  3. hahaha, to’c con da^u tui mo^ dden qua’…o^ng xui nha` tui sao ca(‘t to’c so le ki` va^.y?

  4. bo`n says:

    i have ca’i qua^`n ddo’ … from some one…

  5. mt says:

    Nhi`n CC lanh lo+.i & li’ la(‘c, tha^’y em lo+’n ha(?n luo^n. DDe^` nghi. Ba ngu+ng so+?n to’c em, nuo^i cho da`i ti’!

  6. ttruong says:

    mai mo^’t gu*?i bo`n ca’i ao’ cho tro.n bo^.

  7. kiki says:

    Ba cắt tóc CC mô đen thiệt!

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