Our daily life

2 month checkup

on 03/03/2009

Weight: 11lbs 3oz (50%)

Height: 23.5inches (80%)

CC bi. chi’ch ngu*a` 2 mu~i ngay o*? cha^n.  Chi’ch va`o thi` kho’c nu*’c no*? nhu*ng sau va`i phu’t la` ni’n ngay..CC la^`n na`y chi.u ddau gio?i ho*n la^`n tru*o*’c.


One response to “2 month checkup

  1. mt says:

    Me. Tra^n nuo^i em gio?i qua’, 2 tha’ng ma` em dda~ double birthweight, da`i ho+n ddu+o+.c 3 inch nu+~a chu+’. Chuo^.t con ngoan ngoan cho me. ddi la`m ye^n ta^m nghen

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