Our daily life

Tummy time

on 03/02/2009



3 responses to “Tummy time

  1. Gio?i qua’…ho^m na`o di` Trang le^n tha(m thi` nho*’ bie^?u die^?n cho di` Trang coi nhen. 😀


  2. CapriR says:

    Hahaha, la^.t kho^ng dduo+.c ca’i kho’c kia`. Co^ng nha^.n CC cu+’ng ghe^.

  3. ttruong says:

    Trang: ho^m na`o ghe’ cho*i ddi, da.o na`y CC no’ nosy la(‘m…thi’ch nhi`n na`y nhi`n kia, ca’i ngu*o*`i kho^ng bao gio*` na(`m im ddu*o*.c.

    chi Cap: em nghi~ cha’c no’ bie^’t la^.t so’m ddo’…tha^’y no’ co’ ve? muo^’n la(ng qua 1 be^n hoa`i ha`.

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