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Chuot con’s birth story

on 01/09/2009

I have read and have heard of many birth stories and each story is completely different from others. Only one thing that’s similar is either giving birth vaginally or by c-sec but the process during labor is different for everyone. Some people have a painless, easy labor and some have long and painful labor (like me). Before the birth of chuot con I had always hoped that she would come either on due date or earlier because I didn’t want to have a Christmas baby and also have her vaginally with no medicine if I could tolerate the pain. Oh well, what I hoped for and what actually happened was unpredictable.   

Chuot con was 3 days overdue when she was born.  I had a ob appointment on Friday, the day before the due date.  The ob examed me but the cervix still hadn’t dilated at the time hence she wanted to do an ultrasound the next Monday to get measurement of the baby’s weight.  They also wanted to see if the placenta was still working as it should be otherwise they would induce me.  So Monday came but I totally forgot my ultrasound appointment; I had thought that the appointment was on Tuesday.  The ob office called me Monday afternoon and told me to come in anyways for another ob check up.  They checked me and said I was 1 cm dilated.  I was so excited because I thought I would go into labor that day but I didn’t.  Anyways, the dr. wanted me to have an ultrasound the earliest on the next day.  She also told me to pack my bags just in case I needed to be induced for labor.

My husband and I packed our bags and went to have the ultrasound center the next day.  They said my baby was only 5lbs and several ounces (I forgot exactly how much) and that was a little less than from the previous ultrasound about a week or two prior to this ultrasound.  Hence, they sent me to the hospital for an induction.

Since my cervix was only 1cm dilated, they inserted a cervix softener pill into my cervix for a few hours before the induction.  They inserted the pill at 10:00Am and had the baby on monitor for an hour.  The baby heart rate at the time had drop a few times therefore they had to monitor the baby for another two hours.  By 1pm I was so hungry so I asked if I could go to lunch.  They let us go to lunch and asked us to come back by 2pm for more cervix softener.

We came back at 1:30pm and I started having contractions every 5 mins.  They placed me on the monitor again and it showed that my contractions came regularly at every 5 minutes and the baby heart’s rate was good.  They didn’t have a labor & delivery room for me at the time yet so I had to stay in the monitor room for about another two hours.  I was really uncomfortable and in pain.  My husband was there with me and everytime contraction came he massaged my back to lessen the pain.  All I did was cry when I had contraction because it hurted so much.

They finally had a room for me around 3 o’clock.  The midwife came and showed me how to sit on the ball and just pant when I have contraction to ease the pain.  It really helped.  By 4 o’clock contractions came at every 2 minutes.  My husband timed my contractions so after every two minutes he was like “oh here it comes again” and I would be like “ouch ouch ouch…”. By 5ish the ob came in to check on me so I asked her “is the pain going to get worse?” and she said yes. I could still endure the pain but if it was going to get worse and for how much longer (gosh who knows) until I dilate to 10cm was unpredictable. I was only 3cm dilated at the time and was afraid I wouldn’t have enough energy to push when the baby comes so I asked for the spinal epidural. Around 5:30 three anesthesiologists came to give me the epidural. The procedure lasted 40 minutes instead of just 15 or 20. If you or someone you know is going to labor and going to get an epidural, please, do not let a resident perform the procedure for you. First, they had a resident do the procedure for me which she failed, then a fellow, failed as well, finally the senior fellow finished the job just within 5 minutes. After sitting still with head down, back cured with contractions every 2 minutes for 40 minutes, they finally finished giving me the epidural. If I have to get another epidural in the future, I will REQUEST not to have a resident give me the drugs.

I felt like I was in heaven after I had the epidural. No more contractions pain.

The nurse and the midwife took turn to check on me, my contractions, and my baby’s heart rate every 30 mins or so and each time they circled where the baby’s heart rate drop on the chart. Around 9 o’clock an ob came in along with the midwife and the nurse and told me they were very concern with my baby’s heart rate. He said if the heart rate keeps on like that then they will have to do a c-sec. I told them to wait a little bit longer because I was only 4cm dilated at the time. Anyways, by 9:15 they came back, looked at the chart and said I can’t wait any longer, they needed to do the c-sec right away. They baby was small and she was stressed therefore her heart rate dropped due to contractions. I was so scared but there was nothing I could do. C-section wasn’t on my plan but I had no choice, all I wanted was the best for the baby.

And so, Kaylin came at 9:53pm via c-section.

And that’s my birth story!


3 responses to “Chuot con’s birth story

  1. Donny says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Our boy will be due in April and your story gives me deeper appreciation for women in labor. I am sure all your pains were vanished when you held the beautiful Kaylin in your hands. She’s an angel.

  2. ttruong says:


    Yes, it doesn’t matter how painful the labor process was. As soon as you see your little guy/gal, you won’t remember the pain. But with a c-section, pain will last longer but there’s always drugs to ease the pain.
    Best wishes to you and your wife. I hope she will have a easy and smooth labor. Just an FYI, she will need lots of your help after the birth of you son.

  3. kiki says:

    Women are strong!
    You have your title now Tran, Kaylin’s mom.

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