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leg cramp

on 12/03/2008

I hate having leg cramps in the middle of the night, especially during the third trimester of the my pregnancy.  I used to get leg cramps every night for about two weeks during the second trimester. What I usually did when I got a leg cramp was jump right out of bed, walked back and forth for a few seconds and the cramp would go away.  I could do this when my belly was smaller but now, I can no longer do this due to my enormous belly. I didn’t know the cause of it so I just ate more greens to get more magnesium and stretched my calf every night and eventually the cramps went away.

But now it’s back!

4 responses to “leg cramp

  1. idlehouse says:

    ddi ngu? mang 2 ddo^i vo+’ and also the^m leg warmers xem sao 🙂

  2. Tran says:

    Ay yah…bu.ng to ro^`i ngu? la` tung me^`n mu`ng ra he^’t no’i chi mang vo*’ cha’c no’ng la(‘m…last night stretch ca’i ba^’p chuo^’i b4 ddi ngu~ thi` hong bi. cramp…but still hurt from cramp the night before…

  3. mt says:

    Tra^n, ho^`i ddo’ chi. a(n mo^~i nga`y 1 tra’i chuo^’i cho co’ potassium. Lu’c co’ ba^`u ddu+’a thu+’ 2 sie^ng a(n chuo^’i tu+` dda^`u ne^n bi. co’ 1 or 2 la^`n tho^i.

  4. Tran says:

    Em ăn chuối daily đó chị mà vẫn bị. last night chân phải bị nên giờ 2 bấp chuối đều bị đau tại không nhảy xuống giường fast enough 😦

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