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baby foot

on 11/26/2008

I had an ultrasound yesterday to weigh the baby. The tech said my baby weighs about 5lbs 7oz. I was really excited to see the baby again since 18 weeks. Everything looks good. I got to see the baby’s face but it was too blurry so I couldn’t really see all the features. The tech was able to take a very clear picture of the baby’s foot though.

The foot looks so cute 🙂


4 responses to “baby foot

  1. mt says:

    ahhhhh, how cute! Ho^`i ddo’ OB cu?a chi. la`m ultrasound every visit so I take it for granted, kho^ng request prints. Ba^y gio+` tha^’y tie^’c. sa(‘p to+’i ro^`i Tra^n o+i

  2. CapriR says:

    Ui, ca’i cha^n de^~ thuo+ng qua’. Sa(‘p dduo+.c ga(.p va` o^m Chuo^.t con tre^n tay ro^`i, co’ ho^`i ho^.p kho^ng Chuo^.t me. ?

  3. Tran says:

    mt – em chi? ddu*o*.c co’ 2 ca’i ultrasound ne^n qui’ pictures la(‘m. La^`n na`y ddu*o*.c 1 ca’i ultrasound nu*a~ ne^n pha?i xin pictures.

    CapriR – vu*a` no^n & vu*a` ho^`i ho^.p ddo’ chi., mong ga(.p ddu*o*.c CC soon 🙂

  4. kiki says:

    Ho^m no. nhi`n hoa`i kho^ng bie^’t cha^n baby cho^~ na`o. Gio+` tha^’y ai cu~ng nhi`n ra chi. mo+’i bie^’t ca’i cha^n baby ho. chu.p ro~ va^.y. Hay ghe^ ha. How cute!

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