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Baby clothes

on 11/18/2008

Onesies, under shirt, washcloths, gauze washcloths.

Two-piece outfits and bodysuits.

Blanklets, hooded towels, bathrobes, and bodysuits.

Bibs, hats, socks, and mittens


4 responses to “Baby clothes

  1. kiki says:

    Ui, quần áo xếp đẹp quá. Mấy tấm hình này chụp ánh sáng đẹp ghê.

  2. Tran says:

    Thanks chi kiki, cha’c chu.p buo^?i sa’ng & ma’y mo*’i chu.p dde.p ho*n ma’y cu~ …:)

  3. mt says:

    Wow, me. Tra^n nga(n na(‘p qua’. Nhi`n Tra^n xe^’p qua^`n ao’ sa(~n cho baby trong tu+`ng nga(n xinh qua’. Mi`nh nhi`n xong tha^’y xa^’u ho^? too, ta.i vi` ddo^` con mi`nh cu+’ nhe’t trong dresser lo^.n tu`ng phe`o.

  4. ttruong says:

    Ta.i gio*` co’ tho*`i gian mi’ ngo^`i xe^’p ddu*o*.c ddo’ chi. o*i. Mai mo^’t kho^ng bie^’t co’ ra~nh ma` xe^’p nu*a~ kho^ng, cha’c cu~ng nhu`i nhui` nhu* ca’c me. kha’c thui ddo’. Don’t feel too bad …tu? qua^`n ao’ cu?a em cu~ng nhu`i chu*’ kho^ng organized ddu*o*.c nhu* va^.y dda^u 🙂

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