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Pack for labor

on 11/17/2008

I wasn’t sure of what to bring but a friend who just had a baby at the same hospital as where I will go to labor in December has told me not to bring too much because whatever she brought in with her ended up untouched.  So here’s what I think I should bring.  If anyone thinks that I’m missing something, please add to the list for me.  Thanks.

For baby:

  • a car seat – a MUST
  • 2 blankets
  • going home outfit
  • mittens and socks

    For me:

  • Going home outfit
  • a robe
  • facial cleanser/moisturizer
  • slipper
  • boppy pillow for nursing

    For husband:

  • pajamas
  • going home clothes


  • A laptop
  • snacks
  • instant noodles
  • lotion/shampoo/body wash
  • tooth paste/ tooth brush
  • camera
  • cell phone/cell phone charger
  • chapsticks
  • candy
  • an extra bag to bring baby freebies products home

    I’ll update the list once I can think of other items to bring.


    3 responses to “Pack for labor

    1. kiki says:

      Mang theo kẹo chanh hay kẹo trái cây để ngậm cho đỡ khô cổ. Mang chapstick nữa, push xong môi khô lắm 🙂

    2. mt says:

      tu+o+?ng tu+o+.ng tha^’y o^ng cho^`ng ma(.c pj ddi vo`ng vo`ng trong be^.nh vie^.n cu`ng vo+’i ba` dde? ….hehehe…tu+. nhie^n tha^’y pj cho cho^`ng T. thi` mi`nh nghi~ ra ca’i visual na`y! That will be the first!

    3. ttruong says:

      Mang theo cho him muh hong bie^’t he co’ chi.u ma(.c kho^ng nu*a~…

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