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c-section ??

on 10/24/2008

I had my bi-weekly ob appointment yesterday.  After the abdominal check, the midwife said the baby is breech.  I asked her what will happen if the baby will not turn head down by the due date and she said “you will have a c-section if the baby doesn’t turn head down by week 37th”.  OMG, the word “c-section” scared the heck out of me.  All I did was frowned because I didn’t know what else to say or ask.  I have five more weeks before I reach week 37 so there’s still hope for the baby to move her head down.


2 responses to “c-section ??

  1. kiki says:

    5 weeks is plenty of time … don’t worry.

  2. ttruong says:

    hope so chi.

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