Our daily life

Baby Shower gifts

on 10/21/2008

Thank you mom, auntie Tuyet, and sister Triet for putting together a very nice baby shower.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful and thoughtful gifts for mẹ & chuột con…

Auntie Tuyet tặng mẹ cái bassinet & receiving blankets cho chuột con
Triet tặng tub, diaper bag, 2 pair of really cute booties, and a bunch of clothes
Cậu mợ Ba tặng $$, baby clothes, and a really soft blanket (mẹ chưa spend $$ mua đồ cho chuột con thì daddy đã lấy $$ saì rùi).
Uyên tặng more cute clothes
Dì Bé bạn mom tặng cái swing


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